5 Ways Aquiol Transforms Redness Prone Skin

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Tired of testing products that don’t reduce redness or the symptoms of rosacea? Are you dealing with uneven skin texture, sensitivity and visible rashes? Do you find many products can make your rosacea worse or cost a fortune with no visible improvement?

Aquiol is a revolutionary technology found in the innovative new Irish brand, MGC Derma’s Botanical Blend Deep Replenish, proven to calm, nourish, smooth out and brighten your skin.

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What is Aquiol

Aquiol is a Swiss made plant based compound exclusive to MGC Derma that has transformative effects on the skin.

It has many therapeutic purposes, including antiinflammatory and antioxidant features along with the soothing of redness and rosacea.

The result?

Brighter, hydrated, stronger skin.


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1. Non-Irritating

It’s gentle, natural and non-irritating. This compound is derived from nature, but has been formulated by dermatologists using the latest skincare technology to produce a skincare solution for redness and rosacea. All MGC Derma products are vegan, cruelty free, halal, sustainable and derived from nature.

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2. Strengthens Skin Barrier

It strengthens the skin barrier by working deep within the dermal layers. Aquiol works in harmony with receptors in your body, healing soreness, smoothing uneven texture, and reducing inflammation at the source. It creates a stronger, more nourished skin barrier so that fewer impurities can penetrate, giving you a healthy natural glow.

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3. Nourishes & Soothes

No more red pimples. Aquiol nourishes and soothes dry, flakey red patches, giving you a more even complexion. Notice a difference quickly, with less make-up ruining flaking.

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4. Relieves Itching & Tightness

With Aquiol, you can expect less swelling and redness associated with numerous skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. Aquiol naturally reduces itching, pain and tightness.

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5. Brightens & Smooths

Aquiol naturally brightens skin in a noticeable way, creating a youthful glow and clearer complexion.


MGC Derma’s Aquiol based technology is a revelation for my skin. Finally, no more redness and dryness. My skin has never felt so healthy

-Claire, Essex



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