The MGC Derma Story


MGC Derma was founded by MGC Pharma focused on research and development directed at processing and extraction methods to deliver the highest quality ingredients to their patients. Their intensive research lead to the discovery of Aquiol™


They say oil and water don't mix. Here is how (and why) we did it.

Your body is over 50% water. For years skincare has focused on applying oil to the skin to retain moisture, but water absorbs more quickly and deeply through your pores. We have taken the best of both ideas and created a new platform for delivering the best and most protective ingredients in skincare. Hemp extract has been used for generations as a skin treatment, but it existed only as an oil. Now there is AquiolTM a proprietary compound that is a real Aquiol material boasting 99 plus percent purity, that absorbs in water-based creams for superior delivery. So, for the first time, oil and water do mix, and the result is better skincare with Aquiol.

Aquiol COMBINED INGREDIENTS - The Enhancement Effect

How Aquiol makes today's best skincare ingredients even better. 

Our products work with the body's natural purification system, which encourages repair and rejuvenation of the skin itself. Our commitment to using the most pure and effective cosmetic ingredients available is enhanced by the inclusion of our proprietary extract, boosting the properties of these ingredients.


Love your skin with Aquiol.

More and more people are discovering Aquiol as a vital ingredient to rejuvenate and nourish their skin. Its molecular structure includes a high concentration of vitamins A, B, D and E as well as a host of anti-oxidants, which means it can naturally prevent, reduce and repair cell damage-leaving your skin refreshed, elastic and glowing.

Every MGC Derma product delivers the highest quality patented Aquiol formulation for skincare beyond compare.

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